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Updated on Feb 26, 2019 Useful Info

Where to eat tacos in Mexico City

Right now the world is going through a Mexican food revolution phase —especially, a taco revolution.

All across the world tacos taking over the dinner tables.

In Mexico City, there is a saying that everyone has its own "Taco man" that they chose over the others. Even if he is located on another side of the city!

Here is the list of some outstanding Taco places from Mexico city you must visit!

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Taquería Los Cocuyos

Its specialization is tacos made with offcuts of the meat: cheeks, tongue, throat are slow cooked until it's tender and then fried on a grill.

El Parnita

Well known for its habanero salsa recipe and, the tacos de chapulines (grasshopper) tacos.

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Las Paisas

They serve delicious bistek, longaniza, al pastor, tacos or combinations of them, but here the toppings are what matters. Costumers can choose to add extra whole black beans, pico de gallo, potatoes with chile poblano, or roasted onions.

Meche y Rafael

One of the Mexico City, Roma neighborhood, markets is the busy Mercado de Medellín and has a butcher stand that offers incredible meat tacos

Must try - Maciza Carnitas, Chicharrón

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Ranks among the world’s best restaurants Pujol is next level of delivering outstanding Tacos with its 11-seat taco-bar you will get the 12-course menu set of constantly changing tacos on impossibly delicious and aromatic tortillas.

El Rey del Pavo

“King of Turkey” has been in business since 1910 and must be for a reason. Inside the bright blue-walled local, the menu offers turkey sandwiches, which you can load up with guacamole and various salsas

El Borrego Viudo

This late-night taqueria is a must-visit if you fancy for a night taco. Get tacos filled with thinly sliced tongue, chopped head or fire-grilled al pastor.

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El Vilsito

This car repair garage transforms into a taqueria at night, where the neighbors line up for tacos al pastor, gringa sandwiches and horchata drink.

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Tacos El Patán

One of the best tacos and must try is Tacos de Pescado. This is probably the best in town. It's hard to find such a good stand that offers roasted fish in a tortilla.

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El Huequito

Chicharron de queso, alambres, tacos, burritos, soups and more, Huequito has it all and has been a long-time tradition in the neighborhood.

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