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Submitted on Apr 11, 2021 Useful Info

TukTuk rides in Kenya

User submitted photo of Mombasa

  • You might have see them mostly in Vietnam or Indonesia as a common means of transport around the city.
  • In Mombasa, this is such a common means of transport and is highly regarded.
  • This is because the cost of traveling in these is quite cheap in relation to the other means of transport such as taxis.
  • It is also better than a public means of transport as only three passengers can get in which makes it even more interesting.
  • They have a half door allowing for you to enjoy the scenery as they cruise around the city to the destination.
  • They are very easy to find as they keep on moving around the city and one can just be stopped by signaling the driver.
  • You will realize that these Tuktuks are very easy to glide past traffic hence are effective time savers to getting to those destinations and starting activities.
  • The best news yet is that they are now available on Uber app when you are in Mombasa.
  • However on Uber not many have been registered hence the best bet is to find these Tuktuks in and around the town.
  • Finally, Yuktuk drivers are usually very friendly and helpful guys, incase you are lost and cannot ask for directions due to fear of being mugged, just hope into one Tuktuk and ask for direction to where you would like to go.
  • Be sure to tip the drivers afterwards.

User submitted photo of Mombasa