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Submitted on Jan 04, 2019 Useful Info

Dressing for Women While in Morocco

If you are a woman visiting Morocco here are a few tips that you could use:

  • Morocco is a very liberal country, despite its location.
  • Women in Morocco do not usually wear hijab(headscarf). However, if you are inclined to the culture you could dress in one.
  • In as much as Morocco is liberal, one should not expose too much skin while in the country. This includes shorts, low-neck tops.
  • Such kinds of clothing can be subjected to scrutiny and can lead to your discrimination.
  • During popular hammam(steam baths.) Women can be observed attending in their underwear or some go naked.
  • However, men are not allowed to go into hammams naked.
  • Women can be subjected to cat-calls and in case this occurs do not be afraid of asking for help from local women as such behavior is not welcomed kindly.
  • With that being said, avoid staying in dingy neighborhoods and hotels.
  • Make sure to do adequate research on your hotel and its environs before booking as women are vulnerable to attacks by local gangs

User submitted photo of Morocco

User submitted photo of Morocco

Morocco still remains a country with exotic tastes for you to enjoy therefore do not be scared of taking a visit there. Enjoy