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Submitted on Jun 19, 2020 Useful Info

Safety tips for Morocco

  • Morocco is generally a safe destination. Violent crimes are not common and neither do they target tourists. You still have to take safety precautions such as the following.

Medina safety

  • Medina safety is the biggest security challenge faced by most tourists while in Morocco. Some of the issues you should be prepared to handle while in the medina include pickpocketing, faux guides, getting lost, and being shortchanged by traders.

How to be safe in the medina

  • Identify which side of the street most shoppers walk on and use that side also. In most medinas I've visited people walk on the right side of the street except in Fez ( In Fez people walk on the left).
  • Wear your earphones to avoid being distracted by touts and traders who will be constantly calling you as you walk around the medina.
  • Avoid screaming tourist, it keeps faux guides at bay. Study the medina maps to avoid getting lost and dress like the locals. In case faux guides still approach you decline any help from them. Not all guides who approach you at the medina will be faux guides, there are also official guides. These ones will show you their license once they approach you.
  • Carry a money belt or always keep your money belt or always keep your purse on your front.
  • The only way to avoid being shortchanged by traders in the medina is to carry small bills. You can't avoid carrying cash since most traders just accept cash payment.

Big cities are safer

  • There is a heavier tourist police presence in Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangier compared to other Moroccan towns. It's easier to get assistance here compared to remote destinations.

Research before visiting the Sahara

  • Be very mindful of which part of the Sahara you intend to visit. The best way to visit the Sahara is to book a tour. The most important safety precaution to take when planning for a Sahara desert tour is to avoid Morocco - Western Sahara border and Morocco- Algeria border.