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Shopping in Morocco guide

Morocco is such an easy country to visit and enjoy. It has some of the best tourist location and very indulging traditions.

With the tradition and culture, comes alot of shopping done by tourists and here are a few tips to have when carrying out shopping and what to buy.

Shopping tips.

  • Like so many tourist destinations, the locals tend to hike the prices. Therefore, you have to learn the art of bargaining as you go along as without it you will habe things sold to you ar double the price. If you feel the owner won't drop the price, politely decline and walk away.
  • Some owners are shady and may sell you fake merchandise; always have a keen eye on what you are purchasing as it may be fake. Some become angryband shout when you point this out. In such a situation, simply walk away.
  • Ensure you have Moroccan Dirham with you. When spotted with foreign currency the sellers often get creative with their prices.

Goods and antiques to buy.

  • Baskets.

Thereare very beautiful baskets in Morocco. Some woven from silk others from sisal and other materialsm these baskets are usually so beautiful as they have designs on them. They are also long lasting. They come in sizes; small, medium and large. The rate for the medium sizes are $6 for the medium and $10 for the large baskets.

  • Argan oil.

Argan oil is made from roasted seeds and can be found in the southern parts of the country. There are also more oil and hair care products as Morocco is well know for these products. However, make a point of buying these products at the pharmacy as most of those sold on the markets are just vegetable oil.

  • Etched copper.

Some products such as cups, bowls and most of the cutlery can be etched using metals such as copper, aluminium, brass and bronze. They are delightful products and some of the highlights of visiting Morocco. These products are quite expensive and you need to be careful about the metal as they can sell you brass instead of copper.