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Tips For Traveling To Marrakech

This brief is intended for those people who will be making a trip to Marrakech and are worried about scams, inconvenience to tourists and security problems in Marrakech. You can find things to do in Marrakech here.

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  • Safety in Marrakech

Marrakech is a very safe city but keep in mind that it can be overwhelming at first. So take it easy and enjoy. I was captivated as soon as I got there!

  • Getting lost in Marrakech

Getting lost in the streets is normal. It may seem extremely chaotic but even without a GPS, it's impossible to get lost.

  • Bottled water in Marrakech

Drink bottled water and watch out for ice to avoid possible stomach problems.

  • Prayers in Marrakech

If you are a light sleeper, take earplugs with you because you can hear the call to prayer at dawn (and then throughout the day).

  • Stomach problems in Marrakech

If you want to have lunch or dinner at the stalls in Jemaa el Fna Square, be very careful where you eat. It's best to go to the places that are crowded with locals so you can avoid stomach problems and potentially ruin your trip.

  • Watch out for traffic in Marrakech

You have to be careful in the streets since they're full of motorcycles, bikes, donkeys, cars... if you don't want to be run over, stick to the sidewalks and save yourself!

  • Annoying salesmen in Marrakech

Everyone who's been to Marrakech has come across these annoying salesmen. Take it easy and if you're not interested say "No thanks" politely and keep going.

  • Fake gifts in Marrakech

Beware of fake gifts. Sometimes the locals will give you something indicating that it is a gift for you to buy. Like the salesmen, just politely say "No thanks" and be on your way.

  • Fake guides in Marrakech

Sometimes they will offer to guide you for free and then charge you for their services. Try to go your own way and avoid them.

  • Let yourself go in Marrakech

Lose yourself in its streets, souks and squares and let yourself be captivated by the charm of this fascinating city.