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How to buy tickets to the Kremlin

  • Tickets to the Kremlin is complicated
  • There are 4 things you can see inside the Kremlin. Each requires a separate tickets and there is no ticket to see everything:
  1. Kremlin grounds & Cathedral Square: enables you to walk around the publicly open areas of the Kremlin, as well inside the various cathedrals on the Cathedral Square; you also see the guards ceremony everyday at noon April-October. 500 rubles. Official infoUser submitted photo of Moscow Kremlin
  2. The Armoury Chamber: a collection of some highly valuable treasures from the imperial and Soviet eras; limited time slots each day; 700 rubles; Official infoUser submitted photo of Moscow Kremlin
  3. Inside Ivan the Great Bell Tower: the building sits on the Cathedral Square; inside it is a history museum and you can climb to the top of the bell tower to see Moscow from above; limited time slots each day; 250 rubles. Official infoUser submitted photo of Moscow Kremlin
  4. Kremlin Square: the small square east of Ivan the Great Bell Tower. It contains some excavation work and exhibits of archeological interest. 250 rubles. Official Info

  • How and where to buy tickets in person:
  • The ticket office for the Kremlin is located here, inside the Alexander Garden south of Troitskaya (Trinity) Tower
  • Each window in this office sells a different type of ticket (see the 4 ticket types above). Read the sign on the window to make sure you queuing up for the right window!
  • You can buy with cash or credit card
  • For the Armoury Chamber ticket and inside Ivan The Great Bell Tower ticket, tickets only start selling 45 minutes before a particular time slot. Check the official site (for Armoury Chamber, for Ivan The Great Bell Tower) for these time slots. Other tickets are sold continuously
  • In the summer months of June-August, the queue for the Armoury Chamber tickets can be very long, often 2+ hours
  • It is for this reason that I recommend you to buy Kremlin tickets online if you plan to visit either the Armoury Chamber (you absolutely must it's a top attraction in Moscow)
  • How to buy tickets online:
  • It is possible to buy online tickets for the Armoury Chamber and the Cathedral Square. Online tickets go on sale 14 days before the visitation day
  • For Armoury Chamber, in the summer months it is highly recommended that you buy your ticket 5-7 days ahead of time they will set out
  • You should buy your tickets from the official Kremlin ticket website: https://tickets.kreml.ru/en
  • After you paid on the site with credit card, it will email you a voucher. Print this voucher, and go to the Alexander Garden ticket office 45 minutes before your tour time slot to exchange it for the actual ticket. The windows to exchange the voucher for a ticket are different from the windows to purchase tickets, and there is almost never significant queues at these windows (the exchange windows are numbered 9 through 12)
  • When to buy online instead of in person:
  • If plan to visit the Armoury Chamber during June-August, you should buy your tickets online
  • If you plan to buy more than 1 type of ticket, you should buy them online because otherwise you have to get into multiple queues to buy multiple tickets instead of just 1 queue to exchange your online voucher
  • After you get your ticket:
  • Make sure you use the correct entrance to get into the Kremlin. There are 2:
  • One at the Kutafiya (Predmostnaya) Tower to access everything but the Armoury Chamber
  • The other at the Borovitskaya Tower to access exclusively the Armoury Chamber
  • You are not allowed to bring these items into the Kremlin (quoted from the official website): "large-size baggage, ski, sledges, snowboards, scooters, hoverboards, bicycles etc., except for children's strollers and baby carriages. No entry with animals". If you have any of these, you will need to check them at the Left Luggage Office at the Kutafiya Tower entrance
  • When you're set, go through the security
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