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Updated on Dec 12, 2018 Useful Info

Best way to get to Huashan from Xi'an

Huashan National Park is only 130km away from Xi'an, and getting there is very quick and easy with the high speed train, which is how everyone goes there now.

  1. Get to the Xi'an North Railway Station (西安北站) . This is not the main train station in Xi'an, but the dedicated high speed train station north of the city. To get to this station you can take the subway line 2 all the way north to the final stop, about 40 minutes from city center
  2. There are over 30 daily high speed trains that go to Huashan from this station. Unless you are visiting in the first 2 weeks of October which is the National holiday, you don't need to book the train tickets in advance as there are plenty of seats. Just buy the tickets at the station with your passport and cash for ¥54.5 ($8 USD). The train will take 30 minutes, and will get you to Huashan North Railway Station (华山北站)
  3. Huashan North Station is 5km from the Huashan Visitor Center, and you can either take a taxi there or take the free shuttle bus run by the local authorities. I personally took the taxi because it's very cheap and there are plenty of taxis around.
  • Free shuttle bus: there are two shuttle buses, either route 1 or route 2 goes to the visitors center. Route 1 is faster at 15 minutes (but runs every 25 minutes), route 2 takes longer at 25 minutes (but runs every 12 minutes). First bus is 7am-7:20am, last bus is 7pm-7:20pm. Turn right when you exit the train station to find the bus stop. The shuttle buses are painted yellow-green-ish, and are labeled with the route number in a green circle. Look for this sign outside the station for the bus stop:User submitted photo of Mount HuashanUser submitted photo of Mount Huashan
  • Taxi: fare should be around ¥12 ($2US) during the day and ¥14 at night. Tell the taxi driver you want to go to "华山游客中心", pronounced like "Huashan Youke Zhong Shing", meaning Huashan Visitors Center. The ride should be 10-15 minutes. Look for this blue sign at the train station for the official taxi stop:User submitted photo of Mount Huashan