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Updated on Dec 13, 2018 Useful Info

How to see the sunrise at Huashan

  • The best spot on Huashan to view the sunrise is the East Peak (Huashan has 5 peaks, North, East, West, South, and Central)
  • There are two main options to catch sunrise: 1. start hiking up the mountain 9-11pm the night before, or 2. stay on top of Huashan for the night

Option 1: Hike up Huashan the night before

  • You can enter the park at any time day or night (the entrance at Yuquanyuan, where the climb starts, is open 24 hours a day. See map below). Lots of people do the night hike up Huashan, and the trail is well lit, so it is pretty safe. Obviously cable cars don't operate at night
  • The hike from the base to the top of the East Peak will take about 7 hours for most people, 6 hours if you are very fit. Sunrise is around 5:30am in the summer and 7:40am in the winter. This page will show you the sunrise time throughout the year for Huayin (the town next to Huashan). Or you can just Google "sunrise time Huashan".
  • Most people start climbing at 9-10pm the night before in the summer and 10-11pm in the winter.
  • To start the climb, go the Huashan entrance at Yuquanyuan ("玉泉院"). There are 3 entrances to Huashan and this is the one you should use for night climb. If you don't already have a ticket, you can buy a ticket here at night
  • Follow the path up, which will take you first to the North Peak (~5 hours), then Central Peak (~1 hour), then finally the East Peak (~1 hour)
  • At the East Peak, there will be a number of specific spots where you can see the sunrise. Find one you like and wait for the sunrise
  • More tips for night climb:
  • Bring a poncho just in case it rains. The weather on top the mountain changes quickly and unpredictably
  • Also bring a jacket. The peaks are 2000 meters above sea level and temperature is about 10 degrees colder than the base
  • Bring lots of water and also snacks. It's basically an entire day of hike and you will get thirsty and hungry
  • This is a hiking map of Huashan:

User submitted photo of Mount Huashan

Option 2: Stay the night on Huashan

  • As of December 2018, there are five hotels on Huashan. 2 on the East Peak, 1 on each of Central, West, and North Peaks
  • It's a bit of challenge to find these hotels though, as none of the hotel booking engines let you filter for just the hotels on the peaks
  • They're generally not good hotels. They're more expensive than the hotels in town and are just bad in terms of hardware and service. But they are very convenient if you want to see sunrise
  • Here are all the hotels currently on Huashan, including any booking links that I can find:
  • East Peak:
  1. Huashan Donfeng Hotel: biggest hotel on Huashan, can sleep 200 people
  2. Dongfeng Taikongcang Hotel: pod hotel. The only booking site I can find is this page on the official Huashan website, but it's in Chinese
  • Central Peak: Wuyun Peak Hotel
  • West Peak: Jintian Mountain House
  • North Peak: Yuntai Mountain House
  • South Peak: no hotel here
  • Book in advance as they're likely to get booked up. However, if you don't have any reservation, it doesn't hurt to just walk up to them and then ask if they have any availabilities
  • I've also heard of people pitching tents on Huashan around East Peak. I can't speak to this personally but I guess it's within the realm of possibilities