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How much to tip guides and porters

  • Tipping is pretty much expected at the end of the climb, and the amount can be non-trivial so make sure to budget for it. Some operators are more formal (they give you a piece of paper to fill out how much to tip and an envelop to push money in), and others are less formal (where you just give cash out)
  • The customary amount is largely fixed on a per-day basis, varying by the position. Here's some info I came across before I went and it was largely accurate for me (apparently this amount is based on the guidelines published by an independent NGO called Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project)
  • The lead guide (1 per group): US$20 per day
  • Assistant guide (1 per 3 climbers): US$12 per day
  • Cooks (1 per 10 climbers): US$12 per day for each of the cooks
  • Porters (varies by route but the number can be large, i.e. >10): US$12 per day for each porter
  • It works out to be that the smaller the group size, the bigger the tip amount per climber. If you're climbing in a group of 6 or fewer, you can pretty much expect to tip over US$300 for 6-day trip, more for longer
  • I was in a pretty large group we had 15 climbers. So each of us only tipped around $170
  • I tipped in USD. Some people from my group tipped in Tanzanian shilling
  • You should probably double check the expected tipping amount with your tour guide before you book. Some guides might try to inflate the tipping amount beyond the customary amounts