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Eat large in Mozambique.

I am a self proclaimed foodie and this is one thing that really excites me when visiting a new place. So here are some of the must trh foods when you get to the south African paradise of Mozambique.


The sea food in mozambique is one to "die for". It is a paradise for the white meat lovers. But what stirs the current in your taste buds are the prawns. These big, juicy creatures are bountiful and the Mozambique people have allowed themselves to be creative with the preparation of this food. Served with a host of other dishes, prawns are a mist try.


The trick to getting this food is to visit the local restaurants. Most tourist hotels may shoot up the price or don't have it on the menu. This meal is prepared by using cassava leaves, garlic peanuts and coconut milk. It can be served with rice and prawns.


Cashews were once exported in large numbers from Mozambique and although this is not the case anymore, the cashew nuts are still a regular site to see when in this country. The nuts are basically cheap along the road. But don't let them see you are a tourist. They hike the price ms in such cases.


It almost goes without saying that you ought to try fish out. However, don't do it in the normal manner. Try eating the fish fresh from the fishermen boats and barbecuing it at the beach or even roasting it on the sandy shore. There surely is nothing better than having a beautiful meal at the beach and witnessing the sun go down.

Tipo Tinto.

This is the national rum in the country and could upset your stomach if raken neat. It is best taken with a mixer and different parts have several blends to choose from. You should be willing to explore the tastes.