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Updated on Sep 27, 2018 Trip Brief

How to visit Mt.Hua (Huashan Mountain) in 1 day

  • How we arrived there:
  • Train from Xi'an North Railway Station to Hua Shan North Railway Station, 40min ride, around 50 rmb
  • Free Bus from Hua Shan North Station, 30min ride
  • Entrance Ticket: 180 rmb
  • Since we only had 1 day, we decided to take the cable car up and down. We took the one on the West up and the North down, tickets are 140 + 80 rmb each. The rides are very long, about 45min. But the view was stunning!User submitted photo of Mt. Hua
  • The hike between took us about 4hrs, was very physically challenging
  • There is a famous plank walk on the South Peak, it's considered as the most dangerous hike walk in the world...I was too afraid of heights to try. It costs 30rmb, be very careful if you want to go on it, there are people who fall off and die so no joke! - this is what it looks likeUser submitted photo of Mt. Hua