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Submitted on Jul 02, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Yellow Mountain in HuangShan, China

HuangShan (which means Yellow Mountain in Chinese, 黄山) is located in HuangShan City, Anhui Province. You need to get to HuangShan City first then go to the actual mountain, which is not so close to the city.

What I normally do is:

Train to HuangShan Railway Station -> Bus to Mt. Huang

  • When you exit out of the train, you can find direct buses going to the Mountain Scenic area. Direction to TangKou (汤口) or TaiPing(太平)
  • Get off at TangKou stop (汤口), change tourist bus to go into the mountain
  • Cost: 20rmb
  • Time: runs every 30min, ride time a bit over 1 hour
  • Alternatively you can also take a taxi from the train station to the mountain scenic area which should be about 100rmb depends on traffic. Make sure you don't go on the "black cars" which run illegally, no safety guarantee with them in case anything happens on the road