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Mutianyu Great Wall Tour (English-guided)

Last weekend, some of my friends came to Beijing to climb the Great Wall. I took them to visit Mutianyu, the most scenic Great Wall. The most convenient is the bus tour to Mutianyu of the Great Wall Adventure Club. Not only can you reach Mutianyu very quickly, but it is also equipped with an English-speaking guide. Our friend is very happy to have a tour guide who speaks English.

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About the Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall Tourist Area is located in Huairou District, Beijing, with a long history and splendid culture. According to literature research, the Mutianyu Great Wall was built on the site of the Northern Qi Great Wall by Xu Da, a general under Zhu Yuanzhang in the early Ming Dynasty. The Mutianyu Great Wall was named one of the sixteen scenic spots of the new Beijing in 1987, and was named the most tourist in the world in Beijing in 1992. It can be seen that the Mutianyu Great Wall not only has a profound historical heritage, but also has beautiful scenery.

The Mutianyu Great Wall is connected to Juyongguan in the west and Gubeikou in the east. It was first built in the Northern Qi Dynasty and rebuilt in the early Ming Dynasty. It was built by the famous general Xu Da. The Mutianyu Great Wall is located on the hillside, winding like a dragon, and was an important barrier in Huanghua Town, the north gate of the capital in ancient times.

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Climbing the Great Wall at Mutianyu

When we arrived, we were looking forward to seeing the red leaves all over the mountains and plains, but unfortunately, the red leaves this year seemed to be red later, and only a few red leaves were seen. However, looking far from the distance, the mountains and forests are dense, even though it is late autumn, the trees are lush and still vibrant, which still makes my mood suddenly clear. The exhaustion of working and studying in the laboratory disappeared without a trace.

Ascended halfway up the mountain, you have a panoramic view of the Mutianyu Great Wall. The Great Wall winds through the mountains, and the beacon towers connect the Great Wall with hundreds of thousands of turns, which is very spectacular! The Great Wall is like a giant dragon, with no end in sight, lying on the mountains.

Standing on the Great Wall, I am amazed that the Mutianyu Great Wall has survived hundreds of years of vicissitudes, but it still stands tall today. Although the Badaling Great Wall is magnificent, there are too many modern carvings to cover up her heavy history. The Mutianyu Great Wall is not the case. It probably preserved her original historical appearance as much as possible during the renovation, so you can easily find the traces of the years on her body. Stroking the wall of the Great Wall and closing your eyes, it seems that you are back in ancient times. Countless soldiers fought bloody battles on the Great Wall to resist foreign invasion.

Ascending the stairs and boarding the beacon towers, I couldn't help being impressed by the majesty of the Mutianyu Great Wall. Designed by skilled craftsmen in ancient times, the Mutianyu Great Wall is simply unbreakable. It is hard to imagine how people built such magnificent projects on such steep mountains in ancient times when construction tools were underdeveloped. At this time, I couldn't help but be impressed by the wisdom of the ancients.

After walking for a while, the road seemed to be broken, and a sign was erected on the side of the road, indicating that the Great Wall in front of us had not yet been developed. It seems that the Wild Great Wall is in front of us! A few of us boldly continued to explore the beauty of the uncut Great Wall. But the road is getting harder and harder to walk, sometimes even the cliff slope. Only then did I appreciate the danger of the Mutianyu Great Wall. But such hardship is worth it, because we have seen the original appearance of the Mutianyu Great Wall. Although the Wild Great Wall has little repairs, broken walls and overgrown weeds, it still stands tall and unyielding. At this time, looking back at the Great Wall embraced by the mountains, winding forward, it is very spectacular!

Looking up, I saw the Great Wall entrenched on the top of the mountain, with blue bricks and white rocks, about three feet high, magnificent and majestic.

Ascended to the city, it was broad-minded, but felt that the sky was small and proud. The wall is more than four meters wide and can be paralleled with two horses. The wall stack is about two feet high and one foot thick, and can be used as a shelter for looking out and shooting enemies. The walls are made of huge granite, and the rest are made of mixed masonry. The red leaves are like dye, the green pine is like green, and the setting sun melts the gold, we are ready to embark on the return journey in the increasingly cool mountain breeze. Down the mountain pass, at the front gate, three towers stand upright, where they were used to store firewood and troops to live in. If there is enemy sentiment, light the firewood and the smoke will rise, and you can report thousands of miles.

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Tips to Tour Mutianyu

Walking on the Great Wall, I thought to myself, the Great Wall contains the essence of ancient wisdom. If you really want to see the Great Wall when you come to Beijing, the Mutianyu Great Wall is definitely recommended instead of Badaling. There is also no sea of people in Badaling. You can enjoy the magnificence and beauty of the Great Wall to your heart's content. Michelle came to Mutianyu before. By the way, there are really more foreigners than Chinese. Compared to Badaling, the scenery here is more beautiful, with red in spring, green in summer, yellow in autumn and snow in winter. And after passing the No. 23 enemy building, it is the Trial of Heaven-the most dangerous Jiankou Great Wall.

Make sure to the bus tour to Mutianyu of the Great Wall Adventure Club. It's cheap, free of hassle and with an English-speaking guide for a perfect tour.

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