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Tipping customs in Myanmar

  • From what I've seen, tipping is widely practiced by tourists in Myanmar, to the point where it is expected in certain places. However, locals never tip each other as it's simply not part of Burmese culture
  • As a tourist, you generally won't feel any pressure to tip (with the exception of a small number of taxi drivers in Yangon who have in recent years started to demand tips)
  • If you're not sure of when to tip, this is my suggested tipping guidelines based on my experience in the country:
  • Restaurants: tip is not expected and is never included in the bills even for large groups or upscale restaurants. However, adding any amount of tip will be hugely appreciated. I usually just round up the bill to the closest 2000 kyat, that or 10% of the bill, whichever was greater
  • Massage, hair cuts and other services: you should tip at least 10-20% of the bill, or 1000 kyat (70 cents), whichever is greater
  • Tour guides: $5 USD (8000-15000 kyat) per person per day for a larger group (>4 ppl), $10-$15 (15000-23000 kyat) USD per person for a smaller group (1-3 ppl). Tipping in kyat is preferred but they will happily accept crisp USD bills.
  • Tour drivers: $3-5 USD (5000-8000 kyat) per day. Kyat is preferred
  • Taxi, bike, and tuk tuk drivers within a city: by and large no tipping expected or necessary, but in recent years some of them have started to demand tips. I always just rounded up my bill to the closest 1000 kyat
  • Hotel porters: $1-$2 USD (2000-3000 kyat) is more than enough for someone helping out with your bags. Kyat is preferred but USD works too
  • Hotel housekeeping: tip is not expected but $1-$2 USD per day will be hugely appreciated
  • Guesthouses and other smaller hotels: no tipping is expected at all but $2-$3 USD per night 3000-4500 kyat per night would be extremely appreciated and you'd make the owner very very happy