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Updated on Feb 25, 2019 Useful Info

Using USD in Myanmar

  • What what I've researched, until a few years ago you were able to pay for lots of things with USD in Myanmar to the point where you didn't need to exchange money. However, when I went in December 2018 this was no longer the case
  • The majority of places now accepts solely Kyat and things are priced in kyat only
  • Major hotels and restaurants are excepted - you can still pay for them in USD directly but you'll be paying a premium as the price in kyat is lower
  • But outside of these kinds of hotels and restaurants, you won't be able to pay for much with USD. Shops, markets, tourist attractions, etc. all only accept kyat
  • So my recommendation is to exchange enough kyat on hand to pay for everything. Only keep $100-$200 USD as backup/emergency funds