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What should tourists wear in Myanmar

  • Overall, both men and women should dress modestly in Myanmar. It is a very buddhist country and the values are generally conservative
  • Dress code is mostly enforced when visiting temples and other religious sites. These places usually require:
  • Shoulders covered up: shirt, t shirt, or some sort of scarf/shawl to cover up your shoulders
  • Knees covered up: pants/trousers or knee length shorts/skirts
  • No shoes inside temples
  • When walking about on streets, you can wear whatever you want. I've seen tourists wearing tank tops in Bagan, although this is pretty rare. I still recommend wearing shirts and t shirts when travelling on streets in Myanmar (especially in crowded places like Yangon and Mandalay), lest you get unwanted stares. But you can wear above-knee shorts and skirt, I've seen enough tourists wearing these that I don't think it's a big deal outside of temples. For shoes you can literally wear whatever you want. Even many locals wear flip flops around. Flip flops are actually great to wear for visiting temples because all the temples ask you to take off your shoes anyway
  • Obviously when you're on a beach (like Ngapali) then the dress code is very relaxed