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Submitted on May 12, 2020 Useful Info

All you need to know about the requirements to cross the Kenya -Uganda Border

  • Travelling within East Africa has always been easy especially after the establishment of the East African Community.
  • The Kenya- Uganda Border is among the easiest to cross.
  • This is due to the good relations between the two countries or,
  • The vibrant mutual and personal relationship between President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and his counterpart President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda.

Karibu! (Welcome). If you’d wish to cross the Kenya- Uganda Border from either of the two countries, then the following is all you need to know.

Documents required

After a recent agreement between the two partner countries, you’ll need EITHER of the following documents;

  1. A valid Passport from the immigration department
  2. A Visa- if you are a non EAC citizen, and should be applied upon arrival in the border of Kampala to Uganda. It will cost you around a 100 USD
  3. Certificate of Identity/ Inter- State Pass – this applies for all East Africans
  4. Any Alternative Travel Documents- also applies for East Africans
  5. East Africa Tourist Visa which is applied upon arrival at roughly 100 USD.
  6. A valid National Identification Card (ID)
  7. A Voter’s Card (applies for Ugandans only)
  8. A Student’s Identification Card

Port of Entry

  • The port of entry for road users has always been Busia and Malaba

Requirements for all Road Users

  1. A valid driver’s license is a MUST for driving in any of the partner countries.
  2. Your car must be insured before you begin your journey. A valid sticker MUST always be displayed on your vehicle’s windscreen as proof of insurance.
  3. ALWAYS carry along with you an original copy of your Car’s Log Book or a photocopy of it which is not highly preferred.

Ticket Fee: around 3500 Kenyan Shillings for a VIP seat and 3000 Kenyan Shillings for a regular seat.

Duration of travel: 13 hours averagely.