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A guide to find the best prepaid sim card in Kenya

  • Using your home country sim card might be expensive in Kenya. It is therefore advisable to switch to the local sim cards to take advantage of the smart offers and deals.
  • The following are some of the Telco providers in Kenya.


  • This is the market leader among Telco providers in Kenya. It has the widest coverage and best deals.
  • The Telco provider offers customers with 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE services and its sim cards can be purchased at approved resellers and approved stores.
  • NOTE: For valid sim cards, visit Safaricom shops near you. Avoid street sim cards at all costs.
  • Safaricom prepaid Sim cards are registered in Safaricom stores or M-Pesa outlets before use. Always dial *232# to confirm your registration.
  • You can receive customer care services by dialing 100. They will guide you on your top up, data bundle offers and M-Pesa services.


  • It's the second largest Telco provider in Kenya offering 2G,3G, and 4G services.
  • Its network coverage is better in towns and cities but not as good as Safaricom's.
  • Prepaid sim cards can be purchased in approved stores and resellers.
  • For credit vouchers and data bundles, you can purchase them online or from "Bamba Vouchers".
  • Always dial 100 for customer care Services, or when in doubt.


  • It's the smallest provider with the narrowest bandwidth.
  • Telkom prepaid sim cards can be purchased in Telkom stores and approved resellers.
  • Although small, it offers speeds that are highly competitive and best offers when it comes to data bundles.