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Boda boda transport in Nairobi

If you would like to move from one point in Nairobi to another without being affected by the hectic traffic jam, then using a Boda Boda might be one of the few viable options you have.

Boda Bodas are motorcycles or bicycles typically used for transport.

  • In Nairobi, the term "Boda" prevails more than the full name, Bodaboda.
  • Like all public transport means, Boda Bodas come with their share of advantages and disadvantages.

Why use a Boda Boda?

  1. It's cheaper than an Uber.
  2. It is fast. A Boda can maneuver around the streets of Nairobi to escape traffic.
  3. Can offer door to door services.
  4. It is flexible. Boda Boda transport doesn't require a routine.
  5. Highly ubiquitous as compared to Ubers or Matatus

Reasons not to use Boda Bodas

  1. Has a less developed ride-sharing company. Accessing a Boda Boda might require you to get to the stage or, make private arrangements with your trusted Boda Boda operator.
  2. Very unsafe. Boda Bodas have contributed to a lot of accidents and collisions leading to unnecessary injuries or untimely deaths.


  • A Boda Boda should carry ONLY one passenger.
  • The passenger MUST wear their helmet and a reflector.
  • Boda Bodas are banned from accessing Nairobi's CBD if you need to move around CBD go for an uber or taxi.