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Submitted on Apr 04, 2021 Useful Info

Hiking in Karura forest.

  • Karura forest is a part of Nairobi city. This is why the city is famously known as the "Green City under the sun"
  • Karura forest can be accessed by three different gates that will allow you ease of access from any part of town.
  • Gate B and Gate C are the most frequently used and can be accessed from Limuru road and Kiambu road respectively.
  • It will cost you about Ksh. 200 or USD 1.50 to get to either of these two gates while using public means of transport. Matatus from Nairobi town will get you there.
  • An uber or private transportation can cost up to USD 5 to get there.
  • It will cost a local Ksh 200 to enter the forest and for foreigners about Ksh 600.
  • At Karura, there are different trail paths.
  • There is a 5 km on and they extend up to 50kms.
  • They are really well maintained and can be used for hiking, a stroll, exercising or even bike riding adventures.
  • The forest can provide accessories such as bicycles and biking gears at an extra fee so that you can use.
  • Apart from the nature trails in the forest, there is so much flora and fauna that you can enjoy all within a short distance from the bustle of town.
  • There are so many outdoor sport facilities such as the tennis courts, football pitches and basketball courts.
  • If sight-seeing is the thing for you, the forest is good for you.
  • There are waterfalls for you to bask in, a lily lake and also rivers and streams of water to enjoy.
  • Karura forest is also a perfect place for a picnic or a date location for those who are romantic.
  • There are sections specifically designated for such activities.
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