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Submitted on May 14, 2020 Useful Info

How to acquire your NHIF in Kenya

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is the ultimate medical insurance fund for you if you wish to access affordable health services countrywide.

The following brief explains the acquisition procedure, how to replace a lost NHIF card and how to renew your membership.

How to apply for NHIF card online

  1. You'll be required to visit
  2. Choose your option between employed and self-employed.
  3. Wait for your Employee Application form to load.
  4. Duly fill the Employee Application form. For all employees in the formal sector, having an NHIF card is a MUST while it is optional for those taking informal Jobs or the self-employed.
  5. You'll be required to attach a copy of your original ID, a valid passport photo, a copy of your original marriage certificate if you have a spouse.
  6. Save your work by clicking SAVE on your tab.
  7. Upon payment, you'll receive a notification of your status. The registration fee is only Ksh 1500.
  8. You'll receive an SMS using the phone number you submitted in the application process.
  9. Upon successful completion of the entire process and approval, you'll be required to pick your printed card at any NHIF offices or at any Huduma Centre near you.

The procedure for replacement of a lost NHIF card

  • If you have lost your NHIF card don't worry, the process of replacement is easy.
  • The following is the way to go:
  1. You'll be required to pay Ksh100 in the following banks: KCB, National Bank, Equity Bank or Cooperative Bank.
  2. Notify the Bank Teller that the amount is specifically for replacement of your NHIF card.
  3. After successful payment, present the bankslip to any NHIF offices or Huduma Centres near you to have your NHIF card reprinted.

How to Renew your NHIF account

  • The process requires a minimum amount of Ksh 1500 for a 3 month subscription to after which your account will be restricted for 60 days.