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Nairobi Airport Transfer to your hotel

  • If you are a solo traveler, and you are not using a travel agent, It is important to book your own transport from the airport.
  • The same way you can visit an airline website or a hotel website to get your tickets, I advice you do the same for your transport.
  • Just google airport taxi and scan the results.
  • You can use Airport taxi aggregators like to get the cheapest option
  • If you use the hotel provided taxi, they will charge you double the price. Even if you will not pay upfront, they will charge you on check out and add the bill to your guest folio.
  • If you wait to pick a taxi from the airport, the taxi drivers might over charge you and pass a longer route to justify the charges. Secondly if anything happened (e.g. forget a camera in your car), you will not be able to get back to him.
  • Have dollars and you can change a few to local currency.
  • Pretend it is not your first time and do not fear bargaining.