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Neighborhood and safety tips for Nairobi

  • Nairobi generally has safety issues due to the wealth disparity in the city.
  • While most upscale neighborhoods are considered safe, people in these neighborhoods are constantly being targeted by criminals. Plus most slums are usually set up near high-end neighborhoods.

Safety tips

  • Apart from the obvious safety tips always watch out for your phone and electronics, phone thefts are by far the most common theft especially in the CBD, avoid making calls while in the streets and never lend your phone to anyone.
  • Don't go on slum tours, slum tours are a thing but unless you're in a group and in the company of locals don't try it.


User submitted photo of Nairobi


  • West-lands is one of Nairobi's upscale neighborhoods and the core of Nairobi's nightlife. Most clubs in Nairobi are in this part of town, its generally safe, a little caution though is important.

Langata, Madaraka, Embakasi, and Njiru

  • These are middle-class neighborhoods but there is quite a number of slums here, generally safe during the day avoid at night.


  • Avoid visiting this neighborhood.

Kamkunji and Kasarani

  • These neighborhoods are right outside the CBD, be very cautious when here.