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Communication in Namibia

Like most countries, Namibia is multilingual with English being the country's official language.

In Namibia there's quite a number of languages spoken by the locals, these are the main.

  1. English
  2. German
  3. Oshiwambo
  4. Afrikaans
  • Almost half of the population speaks Oshiwambo especially in the rural areas, hence when planning to travel to such areas it's important to be accompanied by a translator.
  • Namibians are not hostile to strangers hence it's generally safe to travel to the rural areas, however, it's important not to mess around with the culture and believes of the locals.
  • In urban areas English and German are the most commonly spoken languages, most people living in such areas understand both languages.
  • Generally, if you can understand and speak English you can communicate with most people in various parts of Namibia as English is the most widespread.
  • Travelers who have no knowledge of both English or German should make an attempt to learn a few words before making a trip to Namibia.
  • However, the language barrier should not prevent you from enjoying Namibia as it is a very beautiful country. These are some of the places you should check out when there.

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Skeleton Coast

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