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Submitted on Jul 05, 2018 Useful Info

Money saving tips for travelling Nanjing

  • If you plan on visiting many parks in Nanjing, get the Annual Naning Park Pass, it's 260rmb and valid throughout 45 sites in Nanjing. You need one passport photo and can get the pass at ticket office of major sites, such as:
  • Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum (70rmb single ticket)
  • Zhan Yuan (30rmb day, 70rmb night - this pass is valid also at night)
  • Zhonghua Gate (50rmb)
  • Presidential Palace (40rmb)
  • Yuejiang Tower (40rmb)
  • Lingu Temple (35rmb)
  • Meilin Palace (30rmb)
  • Mochou Park (27rmb)
  • Chaotian Palace (20rmb)
  • etc...

  • If you want to visit Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty(明孝陵) or Lingu Temple(灵谷寺) for free, enter before 6:30 with the locals who exercise inside, no tickets required

  • There is a ticket combo for Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty(明孝陵), Lingu Temple(灵谷寺), and Zhongshanling Bandstand (音乐台), it's cheaper for getting them individually
  • Sometimes there are music festivals held at the Bandstand, this is inside Zhongshanling aka Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park (中山陵), requires separate tickets

  • Take advantage of World Museum Day (May 18th each year), most museums in Nanjing including The Nanjing Museum, Zhan Garden are free to visit