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Submitted on Feb 06, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to the National Palace Museum in Taipei from the city center

  • The National Palace Museum is located a little bit out of the way from city center
  • The easiest way is to taxi. Fare from the city center should cost you around 300 NT, or $10 US. You can use EasyCard for your taxi ride
  • If you want to save money, the best way to get there from the city center is a direct 30-minute shuttle from Taipei 101 for 100 NT ($3.25 US) operated by KKday
  • You need to book this shuttle ahead of time on KKday's website. You cannot use EasyCard for the bus
  • Once booked, you just need to show the QR code to the driver to board. The ticket will come with current instructions
  • The boarding location of the shuttle is at one of the entrances to the Taipei 101 building on the City Hall Road along the western edge of the building. You get there by getting out from Taipei 101/World Trade Center metro station exit 4, then go west until you hit City Hall Road, don't cross the road, turn right to go north and walk for 30 seconds or so until you see the entrance to Taipei 101. Exact lat/lng of the bus stop is [25.034001, 121.563710]. There will also be large teal KKday stickers on the ground to point you to the right direction. You won't get lost
  • What the shuttle looks like:User submitted photo of National Palace Museum
  • Alternatively, the cheapest way you can get the museum is to use the metro and public bus
  • Take the metro red line to Shilin metro station then transfer to bus R30 (紅30) to get to the museum. The R30 bus costs just 15 NT (50 cents US)
  • When you get to Shilin (士林) metro station, use exit 1 (north exit) to get out
  • Walk north for another 100 meters until you hit Zhongzhen Road, which is the first major road you'll encounter
  • As soon as you hit Zhongzhen road, the bus stop is on your right hand side. Do not cross the road. Exact lat/lng of the stop is [25.0952541,121.5257484]
  • "R" in R30 stands for red. The sign and the bus itself will have lots of red so keep your eye out for this color. The bus is a one of the low-floor buses
  • You can use your EasyCard the entire trip and no need to buy separate bus ticket
  • Bus is very frequent, once every 30 min on weekdays and every 15 minutes on weekends, until around 7pm