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Flight over the Nazca Lines

As part of my trip to Peru I went to see the Nazca Lines from a plane. I took a bus from Lima to Nazca, went on an aerial tour to see the lines, had dinner in the town of Nazca, and then took an overnight but onwards to Arequipa

  • Logistics of getting in and out
  • I used a bus company called Cruz del Sur, which is probably the biggest bus company in Peru. They have buses that connect all major Peruvian cities
  • To get there I took the 4 AM bus from Lima to Nazca for 85 soles ($28), arrived by 11:15 AM
  • To get out I took the 10 PM bus from Nazca to Arequipa for 85 soles ($28), and arrived at 7:30 AM next day
  • Cruz Del Sur's bus terminal in Lima is here. Address: Urb.Fiori Calle Gerardo Unger 6917 - Dis
  • Their bus terminal in Nazca is here. Address: Esquina Lima y San Martin s/n
  • Their terminal in Arequipa is here. Address: Av. Andres Avelino Caceres s/n Arequipa
  • I used the Cruz del Sur's official site to check bus schedule and buy tickets
  • You should buy it at least 1 week in advance as tickets for some time slots sell out
  • Booking an aerial tour over Nazca Lines
  • I had booked an aerial tour with an operator called Nazca Tours, who I found on Tripadvisor (they're rated as the #1 operator on Tripadvisor)
  • Price was $100 (plus 30 soles, $10, for mandatory airport tax) for a 2-hr flight (only ~30 min is over Nazca Lines). Note that the last flight was at 2:30 PM. I think this is the case for most operators (I could be wrong, but plan your trip accordingly)
  • They picked me up from the bus terminal after I arrived in Nazca which was amazing
  • The distance between the bus terminal and the airport where the aerial tour started was a 15-minute drive
  • I booked my tour 1 week before (they require a 4-day advance booking)
  • Other useful tips
  • My itinerary was extremely exhausting. Many people spend the night before their flight in the town of Nazca and do a morning flight over the Nazca lines
  • The lines aren't super obvious at first but the pilot took his time and pointed them out for us. Also, bring a DSLR with as much zoom as you can for decent photos
  • The plane made a lot of sharp turns left and right. Try not to look through your camera too much or you could get pretty nauseous. Some people recommend taking anti-nausea medication and skipping breakfast. I don't eat breakfast normally and I didn't take any medication and I was fine most of the flight

User submitted photo of Nazca Lines

User submitted photo of Nazca Lines

User submitted photo of Nazca Lines