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How to make your New York City trip memorable

When you choose New York City as your next trip destination there are some things you need to keep in mind and take into consideration. I've made a list of tips and tricks, check it below:

Tips before your trip:

  • when travelling to NYC keep in mind you will be on a move constantly;
  • book a place with Airbnb or booking sites close to the metro stations;
  • better focus on visiting fewer places than trying to visit everything in one trip ( you will need more than one week for that).
  • make a list of the most important places you want to see.

Tricks to help you spend less money and organize your time:

  • check the sites of the museums, art galleries or cultural places you have to pay to go in, for group discounts, student discounts, or days where the entrance is free, keep in mind that some of them accept donations so you don't have to pay the fix fee;
  • there are some big outlet stores where you can buy gifts and souvenirs on sale ( ex: Century 21 - right next to the 9/11 memorial);
  • if you wanna see many touristic attractions check for city tours or daily passes;
  • if your trip lasts at least 4 days buy a Weekly Metro Pass ( it cost around 30$, unlimited trips, and it will help you save money);
  • divide the places you want to visit on days; use the metro just to go from South to North, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, from Upper East to Wall Street and spend most of the time by walking;
  • check for cheap restaurants but always read reviews to make sure you're not going to obscure restaurants;
  • always have with you water and healthy snacks especially if you travel with kids;
  • buy from home food or snacks that can be eaten on the go.

When packing keep in mind:

  • check how the weather will be in NY (during summer is very hot but winters are really cold);
  • if you wanna discover the city you need to walk a lot so make sure you pack some comfy clothes and shoes;
  • don't pack too many things, you will definitely wear one item several times;
  • use sun protection and wear hats (walking all day in the sun can be really exhausting).

Remember New York City is a very big and crowded city so make sure you don't carry a big amount of money with you, always keep your documents in a safe place and, most importantly, have a backpack with you in case with all the essentials you will need ( pills, snacks and water, etc.).