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Updated on Jun 06, 2018 Useful Info

Metro tickets and passes in NYC

Types of tickets

  • Single ride tickets are $3 each, 2 or more rides cost $2.75 each
  • up to 4 people can use one MetroCard ($2.75/person/ride).
  • You can transfer for free between subway lines
  • You can transfer for free between subway and buses or between buses within 2 hours of using your card for the first time.
  • Unlimited weekly pass (7 days):
  • it costs $32, so saving only starts when you take 12 trips or more
  • can only be used by 1 person (frozen for 18min after swipe)
  • it can be used in and around NYC, including:
  • The Staten Island Railway (note that the Staten Island ferry is free)
  • The Roosevelt Island Tram which has one of the best skyline views of the city.
  • *it does NOT work on PATH trains. You will have to add additional money to the card for the cost of the PATH ride

Buying tips:

  • Press "MetroCard" option on the screen, you are most likely wanting to use those as they present savings
  • When you pay with credit card, it will ask for zip code. I'm not from the US and just put in a random one, it worked
  • If you are paying with cash, note that you can only get $9 in change
  • Always get a receipt in case something goes wrong with your card. It's soft and paperlike may be easy to get damaged

Bonus Tip:

  • there are some deals offered to MetroCard holders, such as $10 off Madame Tussauds Time Square tickets.
  • more updated deal info: here