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Travel Skincare: 7 Skincare Routine for Men Who Travels a Lot

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These days, traveling is affordable. And with the advent of technology, we can now work whenever and wherever.

Hence, it is common to see men who travel, be it for business or leisure. While traveling is nice and all, our skin goes through quite many changes. So it would be a good idea to have or use your skincare routine even while you travel.

If you want to develop your travel skincare routine, here are a few ideas that you should apply for:

Cleanse to remove dirt and oil

No matter your routine, a crucial part of anyone's skincare routine should be the cleansing stage.

The air is polluted wherever you go. Plus, dirt and oil can stick to your face. Hence, the cleansing stage will get rid of that buildup throughout the day.

You shouldn't just splash your face with water. Use a facial cleanser and rub lightly on your face for about a minute. That way, your facial cleanser would have an opportunity to work on your skin and eliminate the dirt buildup on your face.

Know how to shave correctly

When traveling, one thing that can be more challenging to do that's a part of your skincare would be shaving.

Straightface knows that this is a struggle for many men who're on the road traveling and needing to shave. So one thing that they recommend is to bring a Dopp kit or toiletry bag specifically for all of your shaving needs.

If you're bringing check-in luggage with you, you might as well get a high-quality razor with you. However, you should also ensure that you bring other shaving products that are as good as your razor.

Other travel kits for shaving are available to purchase if you only have a carry-on with you.

Sweep toner over your skin

Toners are not a second step of the cleansing stage of your skincare routine. It would be better for your skin to apply a toner after you shave.

After shaving, your skin is going to be quite sensitive, given the fact that you've just scraped a razor all over it.

When you're choosing a toner to use after shaving, it's best not to use one that has alcohol in it because it acts as more of an astringent than a toner.

A toner is excellent after cleansing your face and after shaving because it helps balance the skin's natural pH level. You are then prepping your face to absorb serums and moisturizers faster and work on your skin better.

Follow with a serum

A serum is an extra step in your skincare routine that you might not have if you're keeping your skincare routine to all things essential.

However, serums are an excellent addition if you want to elevate your skincare routine. The reason is that serums can target your more specific skincare concerns, like dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and so on.

When you're traveling, you might want to look for serums that are hydrating and moisturizing since frequent traveling can make your skin dry. The more you get to know your skin and the issues that often come up with traveling, your serum can be more specific.

You can also settle for serums that work for all skin types and any issues, which is great if you're starting with your skincare routine.

Finish with a moisturizer with SPF

When traveling, you must find a way to protect your skin from the sun. Using sunscreen is a crucial aspect of any skincare routine because sun damage can harm the skin.

If you're going to expose yourself to the sun for a while, it might be worthwhile to use a moisturizer with SPF. That way, you have extra protection against the sun.

Bonus Tip #1: Use a face scrub

If you're traveling for a while, you might want to bring a face scrub or an exfoliator with you. A face scrub is something that you don't do every day, or else your skin will be too irritated. However, once a week will help your skin get rid of its dead skin cells.

Bonus Tip #2: Apply eye cream

Speaking of dryness, the under-eye area is usually quite dry. If you're meeting people during your travels, you might want to consider getting eye cream. These will help moisturize your under-eye area, which can help reduce fine lines' appearance.

The skincare routine tips listed above can help your skin look its best even if you're in the middle of rigorous rounds of traveling. Try these out when you're traveling next time so you can be on top of your skin health.