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Updated on Mar 21, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to Ngapali Beach from Yangon

  • Ngapali Beach is about 260 kilometres northwest of Yangon
  • The best way to travel to there from Yangon is to fly. You can also take a bus, but it takes 16 hours. There is no train option
  • How to fly to Ngapali Beach from Yangon (best way):
  • Fare: $90-$100 USD each way
  • Flight time: 50 minutes, direct flights are available all year round from Yangon
  • Arrival airport: Thandwe Airport, from there you can take a taxi to Nagapli Beach, or most hotels offer free airport pickup service. Taxi would cost only 3000-5000 kyat ($2-3.5 USD)
  • I suggest using Skyscanner to find cheap flights for Myanmar
  • How to bus to Ngapali Beach from Yangon (very cheap but don't recommend due to long travel time):
  • There are buses going from Yangon's Aung Mingalar Bus Station, located here, to the town of Thandwe, from where you can take a taxi to Ngapali Beach for a few USD. The arrival bus station in Thandwe is located here
  • Buses all take 16 hours, and are mostly overnight buses that leave Yangon in the afternoon and get you in the following morning. There is one day-bus as well. Here are the departure and arrival times of the four daily buses:
  1. 7am -> 11pm
  2. 4:30pm ->8am next day
  3. 5pm -> 9am next day
  4. 2:30pm -> 6:30am next day
  • Bus costs around $15USD. You can pay in cash kyat at the bus station itself, or book online through agencies
  • If you want to book online or check schedule I recommend using https://myanmarbusticket.com. I didn't book with them for this route but I used them for my bus from Yangon to Mandalay and thought they were pretty good. They accept international credit cards for payment so it's very convenient. You just need your passport to book.