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Submitted on Apr 13, 2020 Useful Info

How to get to San Carlos, Río San Juan?

Hidden away in the less-visited part of the country, next to Costa Rica, you can find the wonderful paradise. The river is the highway and all sounds of traffic are lost behind the thick wild jungle.

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How to get there?

By Bus

from Managua

  • Buses going to San Carlos leave from the Mercado de Mayoreo terminal in Managua several times a day starting from 5 am. The journey takes 6 to 7 hours and costs around $5.
  • There is also a minibus from the Juigalpa terminal, Managua to San Carlos.

from Leon or Granada

  • If you’re coming from Leon or Granada, take the first minibus to Managua, change terminals (use taxi) and take another morning bus to San Carlos.

You should get tickets in advance from the counter in the bus terminal.

Take the Express bus as the trip is long and might be very packed.

From Costa Rica

  • Buses from San Jose, Costa Rica to Los Chiles leave each morning and afternoon at approx. 5.30 am and 3.00 pm and takes about 5 hours. The same buses that come from San Jose and Ciudad Quesada also go to Los Chiles. You can take this bus to the border for around USD $0.90
  • The border office is located at Las Tablillas some 6 km from Los Chiles.

It is open between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm.

  • From the new border Crossing at Las Tablillas, now you can drive all the way to Boca de Sabalos.
  • You will be asked to pay a land exit tax of USD $7.00 when leaving Costa Rica and an entrance tax of USD $12.00 on arrival in Nicaragua.
  • Once you are on Nicaragua side there will be minivans ready to leave when full and will drop you at the bus terminal in San Carlos
  • If traveling by boat there are just two services per day that will drop you at the Immigration office in San Carlos.

By Boat

The ferry boat has stopped running in 2018

By Air

La Costena Air used to fly to San Carlos, but not anymore.

Although worth to check if they haven't restart it.

What do you need to know?

  • There are several ATMs in town (and the only place around) so plan ahead how much you will need for the entire adventure.
  • It is a place to relax, take it slow and enjoy
  • A good place to enter Costa Rica/Nicaragua
  • No wifi
  • Must take a jungle tour