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The Best Nigerian Dishes You Should Try Out During Your Visit to Lagos, Nigeria

West African cuisines come with very delicious thick traditional stews, spiced up and finished with starchy veggies to give you a savory flavor and aroma uniquely West African.

Try out the following dishes in Nigeria that leave that unforgettable taste in your mouth.

1. The Nigerian Jollof Rice.

  • This is rice spiced up with onions, fresh tomatoes, chili peppers, and scotch bonnets. Although there are many variations to cooking Jollof rice, the 5 ingredients are constant.
  • It is a common dish in every Nigerian home and is often served at parties, celebrations, weddings as their traditional signature dish.

2. Pepper Soup

  • This is a light spicy soup made with goat meat, fish meat, or other meat spiced up with Nigerian traditional herbs and spices.
  • Due to its delicious flavor, this pepper soup is served as a stew.

Use the following spices to make your pepper soup:

  1. Uda
  2. Gbafilo
  3. Ataiko - alligator pepper

3. Pounded Yam

  • Fufu, or pounded yams as referred to by the locals, is evenly crushed yams served with stew.
  • Fufu is only considered perfect if you achieve that fine dough-like texture. ,

4. Efo Riro

  • This is a stirred leafy vegetable meal rich in spinach, scotch bonnets, and red bell peppers.
  • Add locust bean or Iru, palm oil, and ground crayfish to your dish to achieve a layered flavor.

5. Amara

  • This is a breakfast item or snack that is made with fried beans precisely the black-eyed peas.
  • Serve with sauce or stew.

6. Nigerian Egusi Soup

  • Egusi (Melon) soup is a stew made with crayfish or meat of your choice, thickened with pounded melon seeds.
  • It's a satisfying dish on its own.
  • You can serve with Fufu.

7. Ewa Agoyin

  • This is traditionally mashed steamed beans served with pepper sauce.
  • The stew has that smokey crunchy rich flavor.
  • Serve with yam or bread.