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Updated on Oct 26, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to Oslob from Cebu City, Philippines

  • Oslob is located near the southern tip of Cebu island, 120km south of Cebu City. It's one of the top destinations on Cebu since it's the place where you can swim with whale sharks
  • There three options to get to it from Cebu City:
  1. Coach bus: best option for budget travellers
  2. Shared van: happy medium between convenience and price
  3. Private transfer: most convenient but also most expensive
  • Here's a map of where Cebu City and Oslob are located on the island:

  • Option 1) How to take a coach bus from Cebu City to Oslob
  • All the buses going to the south of the island depart from Cebu South Bus Terminal, located here. The best way to get to the terminal is to take a Grab or trike, and should cost you just $2-$3USD (read more details on how to get around Cebu City)
  • At the bus terminal, there are two bus companies that go to Oslob: Ceres Liner and Sunrays. Of the two, Ceres Liner is by far the most popular coach bus company on Cebu, and their buses are all distinctly yellow colored
  • Price: 160 pesos ($3.15USD) per person each way. Tickets are purchased with cash at the south bus terminal itself
  • Which bus to take: all the buses going to Oslob will have "Oslob" clearly labeled in the route name. For example, Ceres Liner has routes going to Bato via Oslob, Bato/Oslob/Alcoy, Oslob via Liloan. Sunrays has a route going to Samboan/Oslob. Because it's clearly labeled, it's very hard to accidentally get on the wrong bus. As an example, this is the bus I took (Ceres Liner): User submitted photo of OslobKeep in mind that both Ceres Liner and Sunrays have air conditioned and non air conditioned buses. You will probably want to take the air conditioned version. Make sure to ask and get on the correct one
  • Bus schedule:
  • Ceres Liner: bus departs every half an hour, pretty much 24 hours a day (the only hour of the day without any departures is between midnight and 1am)
  • Sunrays: between 4am and 8:30pm, there should also be buses every half an hour or so
  • Check this website for a list of South Bus Terminal departures. I don't believe this is the official website of the terminal, but it shows most of the buses
  • Return buses back to Cebu City: when you're at the terminal, check with the staff on the schedule of the return buses. I'm pretty sure Ceres Liner return buses also run close to 24 hours a day, but you should double check to make sure
  • Travel time: 3-3.5 hours depending on traffic
  • Where to get off the bus: Oslob covers a pretty large area, so when you board the bus, tell the driver exactly where in Oslob you're going to. Tell him exactly which hotel you're going to. The buses travel along the main road (Natalio Bacalso Avenue), so you can request to be dropped off anywhere along this road. Here's a map of the the road the bus travels on in Oslob:User submitted photo of Oslob

  • Option 2) How to take a shared van from Cebu City to Oslob
  • Shared van is a very convenient way to get to Oslob and it's not terribly expensive. You basically book a seat in a minivan, which will seat up to 10 people in total. You can book one-way or round trip
  • There aren't many van operators; I've only really found 1 operator through Klook (if you don't know what Klook is: it's an international tours and transportation booking site based in Hong Kong and is fairly reputable, especially in Asia. Website is
  • Price: $16USD per person one way, $21-$25USD per person round trip
  • Travel time: 3-4.5 hours. This includes up to 60 minutes of "pick up" time, where the van will pick up all the passengers one by one from their hotels in Cebu City
  • Pick up: the van will pick you up from your hotel or wherever you want to be picked up from as long as it's in Cebu City
  • Drop off: drop off is at this spot in Oslob where you can take a local trike or jeepney to get to your hotel. Return van to Cebu City will do a single drop off at SM City Cebu, from where you can take a Grab or trike back to your hotel
  • How to book: as I mentioned, I've only really found 1 shared van company and it was through Klook. Here's the link to its page on Klook. If the page is moved, you can simply go to, and search for "Oslob" in the search bar, and then select "Transport & Travel Services" category -> this will give you a list of any available shared van services. You can book directly on Klook using your credit card
  • This is what the van looks like inside:User submitted photo of Oslob

  • Option 3) How to book a private transfer from Cebu City or airport to Oslob
  • Last but not least, the most convenient but pricey way to get to Oslob is by private taxi/transfer. This is where you basically book a car for yourself or your group
  • There are a lot of options you can choose from, like if you want to book just a one-way trip or book for an entire day (10-12 hours), or how many seats you want in your car (ranging from 3-seater sedan to 12-seater van)
  • Prices varies quite a bit depending on the size of car you choose, how long you want the car for, and of course which vendor you go with. But to give you a sense of the ranges:
  • One-way from Cebu City to Oslob:
  • 3 people (sedan): $55-$60USD
  • 4-6 people (SUV): $65-$75USD
  • 7-12 people (van): $80-$90USD
  • Round trip (up to 10-12 hours):
  • 3 people (sedan): $70-$85USD
  • 4-6 people (SUV): $85-$100USD
  • 7-12 people (van): $105-$120USD
  • Travel time: 3-3.5 hours depending on traffic
  • Where to book: the best places to look are Klook, Viator, and KKDay. All three are major international local travel tours and transportation booking portals and fairly reputable (Viator for example is owned by Tripadvisor; Klook is based in Hong Kong, and KKDay is based in Taiwan). How to book on these sites: put "Oslob" as your destination in the search bar and hit "enter". Then in the results page, filter for "Transportation" category. Through these sites you can pay for everything with your credit card