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What to expect in Panama city


  • Panama uses two currencies: US dollars and Panamanian Balboa.
  • Both currencies are of the same value: 1 US dollar is worth 1 Panamanian Balboa.
  • Most notes are in dollars while most coins are Panamanian.
  • Credit cards are generally accepted at most outlets within the city.


  • I was surprised at the large number of English speakers they are in Panama city, Spanish, however, is the primary and official language but with the increasing popularity of English, I didn't have any major challenges in communication. Outside Panama City, however, it might be almost impossible to communicate if you don't know Spanish.


  • Panama city is a coastal city and it's near the equator, temperatures generally range between 24-32°C with the dry season lasting between December to April and the remaining months being generally wet

Best time to visit

  • The weather here is friendly and you can visit at almost any time of the year. However avoid visiting in mid-February, the Carnaval is usually held around this time, I visited the city during this period and getting accommodation was really stressful.