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How to observe birds at volcan baru national park.

Volcan Boru is an active stratovolcano and is the tallest mountain in Panama. The mountain was declared a national park in 1976 and is home to about 250 bird species and all the big five cats. It is possible but quite difficult to view the Caribbean and the pacific ocean at the peak of the mountain on a clear day. The volcan boru national park also peppered with a range of vegetation that can support and sustain the very many animal species found in this place. For you to observe more bird species, the hiking trail is a wonderful way to expose you to more birds. The hiking trail is 6 km long. You may require the following;

  • Hiking gear. This gear is essential as you would be along the hiking trail. Proper hiking gear reduces the risk of getting any sort of injuries along the way. Hiking boots, a backpack with water and energy drinks ensures that you stay alert.
  • A pair of binoculars. Binoculars come in handy especially when trying to observe birds at a high altitude or fast flying birds. You definitely need the binoculars as it will save you the struggle of straining to see the birds.
  • Camera. A camera comes in when you need to capture the birds. Birds are beautiful creatures indeed and to carry a memory of them then you definitely wouldn't want to miss a camera on your side.
  • Climbing gear. Finally, climbing gear can be better if you are willing to go the extra mile to observe these birds. Some of the birds have nests in high altitude areas or even on top of trees. It is highly advised that one should only try climbing if they are an expert or in the presence of one. This prevents any casualties during this exploration.

The bird watching process is a really enjoyable thing to do and with the proper tools, the experience could be one for the ages.