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San Blas islands

From the ancient god named Erragon to the pirate history as reported by William Dampier, the San blas is definitely an are that has nature and history woven in one.

The San blas are an archipelago of 365 islands with only 49 of these islands being habitable. The islands are found in the Caribbean sea, east of the panama canal and in the Guna yala District in panama. Because of its seclusion from land, the Guna people have been able to preserve a big part of the culture and they even have their traditional leadership system still in tact.

While in the San blas, there are a lot of things that you could engage in.

  • Fishing. Being Being surrounded by water, the San blas islands are a wonderful place to have a fishing trip and enjoy the open ocean. The Guna people are fishermen by tradition and they have insight on fishing techniques. Therefore hiring a cruise boat and going fishing is definitely a wonderful place to start.
  • Local cuisine. The The Guna people have special cuisine that is prepared from their local resources. These cuisines are a nice way to explore the different tastes that exist in Panama.
  • Swimming. If If swimming is your thing, then definitely you should try the cayos limones and cayos Holandeses. These islands are famous for having clear waters that are beautiful under the sunlight. Swimming around these islands is actually enjoyable and in case you do are not an excellent swimmer, endeavour to have a guide as ocean currents can be stronger in some days of the month. These islands are definitely an illustration of sun kissed beauty.

The San Blas holds so many hidden places. You ought to visit this archipelago. And once there appreciate nature but also take care of the environment!