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What to do at tierras altas

The beautiful rolling mountains in the west of panama are really a sight to behold. These just like many mountain ranges, include farms and in panama, coffee farms are what dominate at the Tierras altas. The Baru volcanoes are also another impressive feature to behold. this is just enough as these highland landscape features a floral landscape that is made beautiful by all the welcoming and impressive people leaving there.

Just the taste of coffee found at the Tierras Altas is enough to get you up early in the morning. There are several activities the locals engage in such as tout fishing which is beautiful to behold just as it beautiful to actually do it.

Here are a few things that you could engage in when in Tierras Altas:


  • This is a very popular activity that the locals engage in at this western beauty. Tout fishing is carried out and since a large variety of fish species are harbored here, the experience of fishing can never be dull. You could also take your catch, have it prepared at the banks and actually roast or cook it on a bonfire. This is a common practice here.


  • If you are more of a nature enthusiast, you could decide to take a hike around the whole mountains and gaze in awe the rolling mountains and majestic structures that geography has sculptured on the earth.

Horse riding.

  • This is usually a very beautiful thing to do. If you are willing to part with a few extra dollars, you could decide to take a scenic horse ride under the mountains and explore mother nature at her most incredible in this area that has not been disturbed much by human activities.

Make a point of going to the Tierras altas when you visit central america as it is a magical are to be.