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Paradise Valley in Morocco

Paradise Valley in Morocco

Morocco is well known for its surf beaches, blue city - Chefchaouen, camel rides in a desert and hiking the Atlas Mountains.

The country is so diverse!

  • And just a 35km ride from beautiful city Agadir Paradise Valley is located.

The legend says that Jimi Hendrix gave paradise valley its name in the late 1960s when he visited Morocco

  • If you coming from the cost - surfer, hippie, and traveler paradise village of Taghazout at the Atlantic Ocean coast in the South of Morocco, it will take you the same 35km to get to Paradise Valley

Taghazout is an excellent place to take a break on a backpacking trip around Morocco or even spend some time there.

  • There is no ATM in Taghazout. Bring cash or take a local bus to the next village to go to the ATM!

The fact is that paradise valley has been a meeting point for the hippie generation and also these days there are still small rainbow gatherings in this area of he morocco with its picturesque view on waterfalls, surrounded by beautiful mountains.

No doubt - it's one of the best, most beautiful and peaceful places to be in Morocco.

It’s a wonderful oasis surrounded by palm trees. Rock pools with fresh clear water invite for a swim with little fish in those. Some might jump off the rocks. Some young guys are playing drums. Families have picnics. It is a charming place.

While many tours in the major city and Agadir are offered to take you there, you could just as easily find your way here on your own.

By Car

Going from to Paradise Valley by car

A day trip to Paradise Valley is a good idea because it is not far away. It’s a crumbled dirt road in many areas as the roads by the rain has been washed away. It also stretches into the mountains.

  • The road from Taghazout leads you through the town of Aourir, where you find an only petrol station on your road to the valley.

  • Just follow the signs and you will notice the entrance point to the Paradise Valley hiking trail. Usually, there are a few cars parked there.

Car-park attendants charge 10 Dirhams (1Eu)

Do not go to the Valley on weekends as it might be very overcrowded and busy with visitors.

It’s around a 20-30 minute walk from the car park to the rock pools.

You can also follow the hiking trails for a long walk.

By Bus to Paradise Valley

  • Getting to Paradise Valley by public transport from Taghazout or Agadir is possible, but can be challenging.
  • Take the bus Nr. 32 (if coming from Taghazout) to Aourir
  • There are buses from Agadir and Tagazhout that pass through Tamarght
  • Just passed Tamarght, in Aourir, is a roundabout which turns away from the coast and up to Paradise Valley (P1001). if you walk up this road for a few minutes you’ll see some Grand Taxis, a shared taxi, and these are all you need to travel to Paradise Valley.
  • From there take a shared taxi into the direction of Immouzzar

The shared taxi should leave if there are enough people.

The price is 30 Dirham per person.

The ride will take an hour or two depending on the waiting time and how many stops it will take

  • For the way back, just do the same in reverse!
  • Before you go, better ask the locals or in your hotel in the city how to do it.
  • It might be possible to get a lift back and hitchhike from Paradise Valley to Taghazout or Agadir with one of the tourists.

By Taxi

  • You can also rent a taxi for a day and share the costs with other travelers. Prices will be around 400 Dirhams (40Eu) per day per taxi.

Package tours

  • Some agencies offer organized tours to Paradise Valley.
  • The prices are depending on the number of tourists and between 100 and 350 Dirham (10-30Eu) per person.
  • Some even include lunch and a guide.

Extra tips

  • Bring water
  • Wear decent shoes too
  • Flips flops are fine

Just remember - there are mud and dirt and small rocks that are kicked up in shoes.

Also, there will be streams and rocks to jump over and your feet might get wet.


Alex Blake

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On May 08, 2019

If you want to get to Taghazout from Marrakesh and Essaouira there are now shuttle buses doing this route - the price is 15 euros and they collect and drop you directly at your hostel/hotel. Quicker and easier than the bus and you can book your ticket online :) Check it out www.souktosurf.com

Luna Keira Olsen

Travelled to 22 countries / regions

On Jul 08, 2019

oh Thank you, Alex! :)