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Submitted on Jun 18, 2019 Useful Info

How to get a local SIM card in Paraguay?

There are 4 mobile operators in Paraguay

  • Tigo
  • Personal
  • Claro
  • VOX

Tigo is the biggest with 50% of all clients.

Personal is the second most popular with 30%.

Claro and Vox are pretty small.

Paraguay has a pretty bad land network coverage, but still every local has a least one, two or even three phones.

As calls between networks are very expensive people often swap SIM cards or use dual SIM phones.

  • Local SIM cards don't allow you to make international calls.

Although you can receive the call from abroad.

  • To get a SIM all you needed is a passport and cash on hand.

It would help if you could speak Spanish because not many locals speak English


Tigo has the best network and the best coverage, but also the highest prices

  • Their SIM card is available in their shops around the country for PYG 5000


You can top-up online or by diling *222# and following the steps, paying with a credit card. You can top-up in their and many other shops.

Just look for TIgo sign.


They offer good coverage at lower prices than Tigo.

  • Their SIM card is available in their shops around the country.

It costs PYG 10,000 and has PYG 40,000 valid for 7 days on it.


You can top up in their shops, by buying a refill card and composing *222<refill code>, online on their website by credit card or by dialing *111 and following the steps, paying with a credit card.


Unlike in many other Latin American countries in Paraguay Claro remains a fairly small provider with 11% market share

Their coverage is weaker, but still enough, if you stay in the cities mostly. Also, it has cheaper fares than Tigo or Personal.

  • Their SIM card is available at their agency shop and service centers


Top-up is sold at the same places as the SIM and in independent stores around the country.

3rd parties offer to recharge for a small fee


Vox has only a 5% market share and offer decent coverage in and around the capital area but not more. That's why they can't be recommended for travelers so far. Check coverage, before you buy a SIM card.

  • Their prepaid offer is called "VOX fácil" and available in their shops for PYG 5,000.

For the activation of your SIM, they give 1 GB data and 20 on-net minutes valid for 7 days.


Top-ups are available all over the country and online. Go to their website and choose "Recarga de Saldo online".