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Submitted on Jun 06, 2019 Useful Info

How to get from Asunción Airport to the City Centre

Paraguay's main airport is in the capital city - AsunciónSilvio Pettirossi (ASU).

It is located about 17 kilometers northeast of Asunción city downtown.

By bus

To pick up a bus you just need to get outside the terminal, to the right, and you will notice the bus stop.

  • Línea 30, operated by Vanguardia, has two “ramales”, the green and blue routes that connect the airport to the city center and downtown of Asunción.
  1. Green: Gets to the city through Mariscal López road.
  2. Blue: This route gets also to the city center by España road.
  • Buses leave every 20-30 minutes until 10 pm.

It takes around 40minutes up to an hour, depending on the route, and traffic.

  • Tickets are cheap, around 3,000 guaraníes (approx. 0.50Eu).

This is a local bus, it's not very practical for carrying large pieces of luggage.

By taxi

Taking a taxi is probably the quickest, most handy and comfortable way to travel between the airport and the Asuncion city, although not the cheapest.

  • Taxis queue up outside the arrivals terminal and charge a flat non-negotiable fare of 110,000 guaraníes (approx. 20Eu).

A taxi ride to downtown Asunción takes about 20 minutes.

Car rental

The traffic in Asunción can seem chaotic for drivers unused to South American cities. Though, it becomes much easier outside the city.

  • There are major car rental companies that have desks in the arrivals terminal, American, Hertz, Sudamerica, and Travel.

Hotel shuttle

Some major hotels offer their own private minibus shuttle service.

  • Contact your hotel/hostel to find out if they offer the service.