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Updated on Jun 04, 2019 Useful Info

What to do in Paraguay?

Paraguay is one of the mysterious jewels in South America.

And sadly without no reason, it is ignored by most travelers.

It's a country of big contrasts, has modern towns and lush wilderness. Although the country does not have a highly developed tourism industry, you can find plenty of accommodations in the main cities.

Paraguay offers a lot of tourist activities, including ecotourism, adventure,

and cultural tours.

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The capital city of Paraguay is one of the oldest cities in South America, founded in 1537.

It is a welcoming capital city, with several original 17th-century buildings, excellent restaurants, and wonderful historical sites.

  • Plaza de Los Heroes, Manzana de la Rivera, and Playa Uruguay have the best colonial architecture.
  • Museo del Barro – is a stunning museum of ancient art. In the warm evenings, go down to Avenida Mariscal López to enjoy the ancient mansions and a riverside walk.

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Ybycuí National Park

Ybycuí National Park is an excellent place to walk through sub-tropical rainforest, find hidden waterfalls, and enjoy nature and wildlife.

  • Most likely you will see large, colorful butterflies such as the blue morpho.

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Jesus and Trinidad Jesuit Ruins

An only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Paraguay, are two examples of small communities built by Jesuit missionaries in Paraguay during the 17th and 18th century.

They were constructed as miniature city-states that integrated the indigenous Guarani people with Christian faith.

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Iguazu Falls & Salto del Monday

Worlds famous Iguazu Falls have more than 250 waterfalls and the scenery is simply amazing. You can enter the falls through the Ciudad del Este from the Paraguay side.

Visit Saltos del Monday on your way – a magnificent 80-meter waterfall with viewing terraces and a beautiful hiking trail to it.

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Eco Reserva Mbatoví

Adrenaline addicts should go straight for Eco Reserva Mbatoví, ecologically diverse park south-east of the capital city.

It’s overgrown with Chachi – wonderful greenery that’s close to extinction. It is home to armadillos, rabbits, and adorable rodents.

Also, you can go down on 107 meters long zip line, swinging across the four hanging bridges and descending the rappel trail down a steep cliff.

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Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam was one of the seven Engineering Wonders of the World. Until China built a larger one, it was the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. You can visit it and get a guided tour. The gigantic construction stretches across the Parana River to Brazil and is shared by the two countries. But Paraguay gets the most from it

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Stay at a Ranch

Estancia Aventura, in the Cordillera Mountains, lies around an hour's drive from Asuncion. You can go horseback riding with the Cowboys, then relax by the pool, play a game of tennis or take a dip in the lake. In the cozy bungalow, can stay up to six people.

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Take part of Independence day celebration

One of the most wonderful things you could see in Paraguay is the Independence Day celebration on May 15. It’s a wild, spiritual celebration where you can see neighborhoods hosting large barbecues, football matches, tribal dance shows, fireworks, and parades

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Known as “the pearl of the south,” Encarnación is Paraguay’s prettiest city. Locals gather on its marvelous harbor, packed with cheap and lively bars and restaurants.

When it comes to festivals, Carnaval is the biggest thing here, attracting in guests from across the country and away for street parties from early January to late February