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What to eat in Paraguay?

Meat, fish, vegetables, manioc, maize, milk products and fruits are cheap and popular in Paraguayan cuisine. Barbecuing is one of the most popular activities while gathering for a home party.

The cuisine is diverse and for example one of the most well-known dish - chipa is known in about 70 varieties in Paraguay. Most chipas are made from manioc flour, which is made from cassava, and cornmeal.

Tereré Rupa

Tereré rupa is a "buffet" things eaten during breakfast.

Usually, it consists of:

Tereré - is a traditional drink that has been in Paraguayan culture for ages. It is made of a mixture of herbs called yerba and cold water. Tereré is usually the first thing Paraguayans drink in the morning and is very refreshing during summer.

Chipá - bread from yuca starch (also known as cassava or mandioca) cheese, eggs, milk. It is a round shape with a hole in the middle and can vary in flavors and extra spices.

Mate Cocido - yerba mate (a mixture of herbs) that has boiled water added to it. It is then strained and poured into cups sweetened with sugar.

Mbejú – It is something between an omelet and a pancake. It is made with mandioca flour, crumbled cheese, pork fat, eggs, and milk and then fried in hot oil.

Other dishes that are worth to try

Pira Caldo

This good fish soup. It’s made with local river fish, like mandi’y and tare’y, which have a meaty texture and salty flavor.

It's rich in taste with vegetables fried in beef or pork fat, onion, tomato, bell pepper, and many spices. Sometimes even milk and cheese are added too.

Sopa paraguaya

This spongy, delicious cake is a traditional Paraguayan dish and is rich in calories and protein content.

Corn flour, pig fat (lard) or butter, cheese, and milk or whey are common ingredients.

Borí borí

Bori bori is a thick chicken soup made with bacon fat, sweet tomato, carrots and celery, salty Paraguay cheese and loads of parsley. On top, it is served with cheesy cornmeal dumplings.

Guiso popó - A very traditional dish, similar to a casserole that has chicken and rice, with sweet pepper and garlic.

It also has some modifications where the rice is replaced by pasta or potatoes.

Puchero - a popular stew made with meat, vegetables (like carrot, pumpkin/squash, and onions).


This semi-sweet dish that is a main-course or dessert depends on how you feel. Made from a juicy kind of pumpkin (known as andai in Paraguay) blend together with cornflour, local cheese, milk and sugar, it has a creamy texture and is served lukewarm. It’s also a popular breakfast dish.

Empanadas - Pastries filled with different mixtures, including, egg, meat, chicken, corn, cheese, and ham. Paraguayan Empanadas are normally fried and not often made in the oven like the Chilean or Argentinean ones. Also, Paraguayan empanadas are eaten between two pieces of bread like a sandwich

Pastel mandi’o - Similar to empanadas except that the pastry is made from mandioca. Pastel mandi’o is usually filled with meat

Parrillada is a dish of meat cooked over hot banana leaves and coals.

Vori vori is a thick, yellow soup with little balls made of cornmeal, cornflour, and cheese.

Arró Quesú - Paraguayan style rice, is similar to a cheese and milk risotto but it has to be made only with white rice and Quesú Paraguai

Kosereva is a well-known candy that is native to Paraguay, with the hardened skin of the sour orange ("apepú", in Guaraní language), cooked in black molasses, resulting in a bittersweet and acid taste and having a high protein content.

Kaguyjy - also known as mazamorra, it is one of the most traditional desserts of Paraguay. It is made from corn and sugar and sometimes with dash of honey or milk