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Best time to visit Penang Hill

Penang Hill is great no matter when you visit, but I think there are 3 special times that can make the trip a lot more enjoyable

  • 1 - For sunrise: sunrise time in Penang varies from around 7am to 7:30am throughout the year. The funicular train that takes you up runs from 6:30am and takes less than 10 minutes so you get there just in time. Sunrise is a great time because you face straight east from the top of the hill with an unobstructed view of sunrise over George Town, the strait, and mainland Malaysia. The scene is fantastic. It also helps that there's almost no line at the funicular at this hour. Check this video (not mine):

  • 2 - Early morning (before ~9:30am): this is a great time to come to avoid the crowds. It starts to get really busy after 9:30am and peaks by around noon when you can easily spend 1-2 hours in the regular line (there's an express line but the cost is 80 ringgit instead of 30 ringgit for regular line). During the weekdays this might be better but I don't know for sure I was there on a weekend

  • 3 - After sunset: you get a gorgeous night view of George Town. Plus, you can chill at the open air rooftop bar Sky Terrace while taking in this view. The last funicular train goes down Penang Hill at 11pm, so you have plenty of time to relax and admire the view. The lineup both up and down the hill also dies down after ~5pm. Check out the view (photo credit):

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