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Complete guide on how to fill your Tarjeta andina de migracion form

  • Here is all you need to know before filling your Peruvian tourist visa.

Key points

  • The TAM is usually in both English and Spanish, however, the English copy may fail to be available at times and you'll have to fill the Spanish form regardless of whether you're familiar with Spanish or not.
  • This form must be filled by all non-Peruvian tourists.
  • After filling the form you'll be given a piece of the TAM ( lower third) make sure you don't lose it.
  • Have your own pen when going to fill the form, it's usual to be kept waiting by almost 10 minutes as the officials try to get a pen.


  • You'll be asked to fill the following details in the form. Copy everything as indicated in your passport or ID to avoid complications.
  • Don't use initials or short forms
  1. Your name and other personal details. The forename segment, however, has space for 13 letters so in case your first name is more than 13 letters, it's okay to leave out your middle name.
  2. Country of birth, nationality, and country of residence
  3. Type of travel documents you're using; passport or ID (Peruvian DNI for South American citizens)
  4. The main purpose of travel.
  5. Means of transport you used to get in.