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How to extend your tourist visa in Peru

  • Unlike most other countries I've visited, in Peru I didn't apply for a tourist visa, the tourist visa here is just a form known as Tarjeta Andina de migracion, TAM, that I filled out at the airport migration office.
  • In most cases, you're given 90 days but you can ask for up to 183 days and the migration official may grant you those days, in my case they did!
  • You are also given the same form to fill if coming in from various border points across Peru.
  • At the time I was visiting you could not extend your tourist visa directly, however, visa regulations are always subject to change and you should visit the extension of stay section of the migration website to get the latest information on any visa changes before proceeding with your plans.



  • The only way you can extend your tourist visa is by exiting Peru then come in again. You will be given another TAM to fill out.
  • This method is however quite tricky as some border officials may deny you more days (especially if you were given 183 days in your first TAM).
  • PRO TIP: Border officials at the Peru- Chile border are known to be more accommodating and easier to handle than those at Peru- Ecuador border, you're best chance of being granted more days is by using the Chilean border.