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How to get to Maras Salt Mines and Moray

Back in a day's Sacred Valley was the heart of the Inca civilization and now it’s the tourism epicenter of Peru.

No doubt - Machu Picchu takes most of it, but to be honest there are so much more to visit and see.

Las Salineras de Maras

Las Salineras de Maras are salt mines just an hour drive from Cusco. They are a common stop for tour agencies located in Cusco. But hiring a tour to go to the mines is not necessary.

How to get there

  • Go to colectivo station on Avenida Grau in Cusco.
  • From there, find the colectivo that goes to Urubamba, and let the driver know that you are getting off at Maras, in approx - 45 minutes drive. Colectivos do not leave until they are full, but usually, they fill up very fast so it should not take long at all for you to be on your way to Maras.
  • At Maras stop crossroad, hire a taxi to take you to the mines. From there it will take a 15-minute to get to your destination.

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Inca agricultural center possibly used for cultivating new crops. The temperature varies between terraces at different levels, which would have facilitated the selection of crop strains for farming in different areas of the Inca empire with its various ecosystems.

How to get there

  • Once visiting Saltmines, ask your taxi driver to take you to Moray.
  • It's located in just a short 15min drive from Salineras.

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Oliver Enrique Eberlein

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On Jun 13, 2019

Your suggestions on how to get there are great, Roman! A quick remark on the salt mines though. Starting on the 15th of this month (june), it won't be possible to walk between the ponds anymore. It will only be possible to visit up to the general viewpoint. Source: https://www.exploorperu.com/blogs/exploor-peru-travel-blog/entrance-salt-mines-maras-prohibited-from-june-15

Ray Gudrups

Travelled to 28 countries / regions

On Jul 08, 2019

Thnx, Oliver! Good to know! ;)