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How to get to Uros Islands

  • Uros islands are a collection of manmade islands on the western side of Lake Titicaca. The islands and every structure on the islands are made of totora reeds from the lake.
  • To get to the island you first have to get to the small town of Puno on the mainland, then cross over to the islands by boat.

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How to get to Puno

  • There are three ways of getting to Puno
  1. By flight
  2. By train
  3. By bus
  • Flights are the best and fastest way to get to Puno. There's no airport in Puno, you have to fly into Juliaca's Cápac international airport then connect by road to Puno. You can easily catch LATAM domestic flights to Juliaca from Cusco, Lima, or Arequipa.
  • The easiest way to get from Juliaca to Puno is by taxi. Most hotels/ hostels in Puno usually arrange airport transfers for their guests. They charge about $25 per passenger. There's also an airport shuttle that charges $10-15 to Puno from Juliaca.
  • Flights from Cusco to Juliaca take 3 hours, from Lima it's a 4.5 hours flight.

Titicaca train from Cusco from Puno

  • Perurail operates luxury trains between Cusco to Puno daily except on Tuesdays. It's an epic journey and you can catch glimpse of the Andean slopes on your journey. The trip from Cusco- Puno takes 10 hours 30 minutes. The train departs from Cusco at 8.00 am and arrive in Puno at 6.30 pm.
  • Train tickets cost $240 and are inclusive of 2 gourmet meals and Peruvian dances. Perurail doesn't accept online payment by credit cards. If you're booking online you can only pay by PayPal. If you buy your ticket from the train station in Cusco payment is by cash or credit cards ( MasterCard and Visa card only).
  • In Cusco, the train departs from Wanchaq train station in the middle of the city. It's the only train that departs from this station, you can't get the wrong train.

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A picture of the Wanchaq train station.

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Sceneries on the train trip

How to get to Puno By Bus

  • Taking the bus to Puno from Lima isn't worth it. Tourists who travel by bus from Lima to Puno have to take a 2 days trip, sleeping over in Cusco. They are no direct buses from Lima to Puno.
  • From Cusco, buses take 10 hours to get to Puno. If you take the bus I recommend traveling overnight so that you can catch Lake Titicaca tours in the morning. Most tours are in the morning between 7.00 am and 9.00 am.

Getting to Uros Islands from Puno

  • Uros islands are just 5km from Puno. You can get to Uros islands by taking either totora boats or a small ferry at Puno's ferry terminal Puerto Lacustre.
  • Boat/ Ferry fare is only 20 soles. It takes only 20 minutes to cross from Puno to the islands. These boats have guides that will guide you on your Uros islands tour. The tour begins with demonstrations on how the islands are made, tour in some island houses, and markets.
  • Only the main island Kamisaraki has some lodges where you can spend the night. On the other islands, you can only spend the night there if homeowners invite you. Most of these houses lack most basic facilities and staying there inconveniences most tourists.
  • Most tourists find accommodation in Puno, there are numerous hotels and hostels on the mainland town.