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Updated on Jul 27, 2019 Useful Info

How to get in to town from Phu Quoc International Airport

  • Phu Quoc International Airport is about 13 km south of the main town (Duong Dong).
  • There is no public transportation to the city. You will have to rely on taxi or another form of private transportation.
  • Taxi (best option because cheap and convenient):
  • Taxi is the most common way for visitors to get in, and there are plenty of them parked outside the terminal
  • Fare depends on where your destination is, ranging from 100,000 VND ($4.5) to the Long Beach to 170,000 VND ($7.5 USD) to central Duong Dong in a standard 4-seater. Here's an approximate fare map (click on the shapes to see the fares):

  • As the rest of Vietnam, the taxi fares here will only be accepted in cash VND
  • Note that there's also an additional 20,000 VND ($0.85USD) airport toll that the taxi driver will charge you
  • There are five taxi companies but they're all more or less the same fare, so go with whichever one you want. I suggest going with Mai Linh as they're a a large taxi operator in many cities in Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City and they have a very good reputation
  • To get to the taxis boarding point, simply follow the signs after you get your baggage. You will basically need to get out of the terminal building and go straight ahead into the parking lot, where you will see a taxi booth who will assist you in getting a car
  • This photo shows you where the taxi are parked in relation to the terminal buildingUser submitted photo of Phú Quốc
  • There is currently unfortunately no car hailing app like Grab available on Phu Quoc, so your only taxi choice is the regular airport taxi

  • Hotel shuttles:
  • This is also a relatively common way for many tourists to get into town. The majority of resorts on Phu Quoc provide some kind of airport pickup service,
  • Always check with your hotel first to see if they offer pickup service, and if so how much they cost. If the cost is lower than your taxi, then go for it

  • Private transfers:
  • You can get prearranged private transfer available to take you to Duong Dong and other popular places on the island
  • Their prices are usually much higher than taxi. A private transfer to Duong Dong will cost at least $15USD, and can be as high as $35USD
  • The benefit of the private transfers is that someone will be waiting for you with your name on a placard at arrival, and you don't have to think about anything. You also pay by credit card in advance so won't need to fumble with cash
  • The best place to look for private transfers for Phu Quoc are:
  • Viator: https://www.viator.com
  • Sun Transfers: https://booking.suntransfers.com
  • Klook: https://www.klook.com/

  • Shuttle bus:
  • There is a 50,000 VND ($2.25) per person shuttle bus that departs from the parking lot (the same lot as the taxis) to the central area in Duong Dong
  • Specifically, the bus arrives on the Nguyen Trung Truc street in the heart of the town, at this spot
  • Additionally, Jetstar apparently also operates a 40,000 VND ($1.75USD) shuttle to central Duong Dong. I know that if you're flying Jetstar, they sell you ticket onboard. But I'm not certain if you can use this shuttle if you fly on another airline. The Jetstar shuttle also drops you off on Nguyen Trung Truc street